Top 7 Powerful Heroes in Both Marvel and DC Comics

The super-franchise is expanding out into the universe as the Marvel Cinematic Universe grows by the day. We already know that the Captain Marvel of Brie Larson has some pretty amazing powers-thanks, Samuel L Jackson-but, yet she’s small fry compared to some other big names of the universe.

We’ve already investigated villains that could appear in Phase 4-let’s dig into the dynamics of power now. Thanos, by Josh Brolin, is (currently) the most powerful character we’ve ever seen, but expect that to change pretty quickly. Thanos is effectively a major Homer Simpson with some glowing costume jewelry when you look at it.

Only to be sure. This list is all about the pure strength of the following characters; other superpowers do not factor. So you won’t find Professor Xavier or characters of the Phoenix type.

This is also my view on the subject as well. So if you disagree, in the comments, feel free to let us know, I’m always interested in chatting with you folks about superheroes. Let’s get straight into it anyway. Here’s my list of the Top 10 powerful heroes in both Marvel and DC Comics right now.

1. Spider-Man (Marvel)

You may not believe it, but Spider-Man is so much stronger than most people know. The spider which bit him, according to his origins, was able to lift more than ten times his own body weight. So when you convert that to human size, it is equivalent to a lot of power.

Not only have there been numerous instances that he’s done incredible physical feats to save others, but when it comes to fighting his antagonists, he constantly has to hold back a lot of time. Otherwise, he would do considerable physical damage to them. That kind of goes against the whole becoming a superhero thing. This is just my opinion on the matter as well.

2. Dr. Strange (Marvel)

Doctor Strange is extremely strong and has a lot of expertise to illustrate how strong he is. Strange’s ability to control the universe, most notably, involves building obstacles and platforms, such as the War of Titan, and transforming objects by transmutation. Doctor Strange also saw the Battle of Titan restraining Thanos with a binding spell, as well as modifying himself.

To save him from a blow from Thanos, Strange was able to open a portal to the Mirror World, as well as use the dimensions in an effort to capture Thanos. The power of Strange to fly spreads to the interdimensional, as was shown when he imprisoned Loki, including being capable of taking others with him.

3. Wonder Woman (DC Comics)

Wonder Woman is different because she was molded by Queen Hippolyta’s mother from clay and granted life by Aphrodite. She also got superhuman abilities from the Greek gods as gifts. Super strength, flight, fighting skill, combat strategy, superhuman agility, and magic weapons are the powers of Wonder Woman.

She also has the goddess Athena’s wisdom, along with 7 powerful pieces of equipment that further improve her skills. Her Lasso of Reality and Bracelets of Submission are the most notable. Giving her a power with which to be reckoned.

4. Hulk (Marvel)

The Hulk is not a character one wants to fight in close quarters with, with a height of almost 8 feet tall and weigh in at close to 1,400 pounds. The more angry the Hulk gets, the stronger he becomes, potentially making his abilities unlimited. If he ever met an opponent greater than him, he’d get mad that he’s losing, then get the power to beat them, just as easy as that.

He can hop in one bound for several hundred miles, and he can run at super speeds. Along with an oxygenated emulsion, The Hulk also has regeneration abilities. The Hulk, therefore, is simply a beast on land and water. You wouldn’t like Hulk with his raw physical strength when he is frustrated.

5. Flash (DC Comics)

Flash This one may come to many of you now as a surprise, but it shouldn’t. There are a variety of people who wear the cape known as The Flash, but I’m going to talk about Wally West’s modern day cape. Flash’s greatest misconception is that he’s just the world’s quickest guy. It simply doesn’t just stop there. Flash also has the power to think and act faster than light speed.

In The Justice League cartoon, he may play the dumb witted hero, but it’s clearly not the case. As he tops the list at number 9, the powers of Flash are incredibly underestimated. His faintness? Yeah, in order to find out, you’d have to snatch him. This is an unimaginable task for most.

6. Captain America (Marvel)

He acquired a whole slew of powers after going through an experiment which transformed Steve Rogers into a super soldier. Super strength is amongst those powers. If you can punch a giant hole through walls or take the hit from the Hulk (— particularly if you’re really a human being) that takes some incredible power, I don’t care who you are.

7. Superman (DC Comics)

Not surprisingly, Man of Steel leads our list of the most stubborn heroes of all time. His collection of forces is impressive. To begin with, his x-ray vision is one of the most iconic yet underrated abilities of Superman. It’s the strength of most things to see through. His super breath is also, similarly, an incredible feat.

He can also draw his breath in and hold it for a long time, allowing him to fly for long hours underwater or outer space. His hot vision, which he can fire from his eyes, is not to be missed. And it’s not that he, without any power, blasts the beams out. The width and intensity can be managed by him and metal and rock can melt.


In the DC Universe, there really is no such term as “overpowered.” Both heroes and villains gain power well beyond that of the gods from time to time. But these characters managed to remain fascinating and engage in dramatic, tear-jerking, enjoyable stories despite all the strength.

Missing something from this list? How about Avengers or X-Men? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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