10 Computer Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

In terms of features, performance and overall stability, Windows 10 has come a long way. However, you need to learn internal keyboard shortcuts that can easily boost your productivity if you want to take full advantage of Windows 10.

The keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10 are amazing and provide a number of crucial ways that can save you time and a lot of painstaking clicks.

We are going to share all the helpful Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts in this post, including some new and interesting ones. So, let’s start with the best Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts you should be using right now.

1. Windows + V (To access Clipboard History)

Finally, in the new edition of Windows 10, Microsoft added Clipboard History. With this easy shortcut, now you can go through all your copied messages.

2. CTRL-F (Find Something)

I find myself up against a deadline from time to time and lost under a mountain of paperwork that still needs to be read. I need to have an understanding of what the documents cover, at least, but the thought of searching quickly is painful.

Instead, I can simply search for a document directly using CTRL-F. I can pass right through my paper and find the most important parts by looking for keywords.

3. Windows-L (Lock Your PC)

Caught at work or during a lecture watching cat videos? I can lock the screen of my machine in a couple of seconds with one press of Windows + L and escape an unavoidable scolding for being off-task – and better yet, get back to watching the cat when the road is clear.

4. Windows + X (Open Hidden Menu)

This shortcut can save you a ton of clicks if you are someone who needs to quickly uninstall programs, open PowerShell with admin rights, or update drivers from System Manager. This one is for you, if you are a pro user.

5. Windows + Shift + S (Selectable Screenshot)

If you’d like to take a screenshot of a portion of your screen, you can do it with this shortcut. The Windows + Print Screen shortcut is great, but your content window can’t be picked, and you have to edit it further. So just use this shortcut and save yourself from unnecessary hassle.

6. CTRL-PrtScr (Take screen and save it to Clipboard)

CTRL-PrtScr is the one-stop for all my screenshot requirements, a shortcut that has hilariously eluded my information for years. This shortcut will take a shot of my current screen and save it, and anytime I want if I want to capture an important post, funny picture, or still video.

7. Windows + I (Open the Windows Settings)

This shortcut will make it much simpler for you if you want to quickly jump to Windows Settings. Only click anywhere on Windows and I key, and you’re already using Windows Settings. Hit this keyboard shortcut to show the setting dialog anytime you want to configure the way Windows works.

8. CTRL-Shift-V (Paste from your Clipboard)

You’ve probably heard of CTRL-V, the keyboard shortcut that lets you paste things from the clipboard on your screen. But CTRL-Shift-V, its relative, is equally. This shortcut also allows us to paste everything from my clipboard, but it pastes everything as plain text, which means that any weird formatting that I may have taken over when I copied the item will not conflict with the format I already have.

9. Alt-Arrow (Backward Page)

You’ll know how important it is to be able to claw your way back out if you’ve ever fallen down a Google Rabbit Hole. I can quickly step backwards or forward in my own search history by pressing Alt and either the right or left arrow key in a browser, and find my way back to where I started searching.

10. Ctrl + Shift + N (Create New Folder)

If you deal with local folders frequently, this is a very useful shortcut. I love this shortcut because it makes it simpler and quicker for my workflow. It’s too late for the window menu to appear, so this one will save my day.


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