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About Cycle BABA 👇:

Raj Phanden, or Cycle Baba, has become a well-known name on the internet for perusing his passion and living his dream, living a nomadic life and exploring and furthest corners of the globe. Who went on his bicycle through almost 46+ countries.

Hmm, YES!, You heard correctly. An Indian cyclist has pedaled his way to London on a global green journey, he has visited on his bicycle in more than 30 months.

Not only did his videos encourage people to take a short break from their busy lifestyles, but also to fly and travel the world.

His insatiable appetite to travel the globe and spread awareness has brought him to over 40+ countries.

Not only does Raj Phanden visit the place, but he also shares his experience on his YouTube Channel with his videos. 

Cycle Baba also gives them accurate knowledge about the locations and their areas of expertise. Haryana-based Ayurvedic doctor Raj Phanden, favorably called ‘Cycle Baba,’ started his journey in 2016, a few years after he lost his wife in a road accident.

Two years after their wedding, Phanden said he was interested in social work after the death of his wife. But he didn’t feel satisfied. All that he wanted to do with the world was there. So, he wanted to start cycling all over the world to spread awareness.

He chooses to cycle because he’s not going to hurt anyone on the road, and he’s not going to cause any carbon dioxide emissions.

Things He Carries

His sole partner cycle carrying India’s flag and the flag of his host country, also carries a few plastic bags weighing approximately 40 kg with necessary equipment, clothes and camping tent.

On his trip, he visits schools, universities, and local community groups to share knowledge of saving the world by taking some small steps in daily life. By 2030, his dream is to travel around the world.

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