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There are lots of ways to travel on a budget and many of them are fantastic. Be careful, however, not to get lured by cheap flight deals that end up charging you hundreds more for a bag or change in layovers.

When it comes to vacationing on a budget, travelers who don't like to stray too far from home can do a lot to save money.

For starters, fly on the cheap. Check out these options for flying on the cheap on a range of airlines.

The easiest way to see the world is to find an airline that flies the most destinations for the least money.

If you're traveling for work, you can save a ton of money by flying a route that's not normally advertised to job seekers, like to Australia on an Australian airline, when the most common route is to the United States.

Many airlines provide online resources to help you find the best possible deal.

Many of these resources tell you exactly how much you can expect to pay for an airline ticket, so you can get a sense of how much you have to pay to fly certain routes.

Keep in mind, however, not every flight is priced the same. Sometimes, like on certain holidays or holiday weekends, certain fares will spike.

If you want to try to travel on a budget, there are several ways to find the best flight deals, including the following:


Whether you're planning a weekend away or a month-long adventure, there are always ways to make cheap travel a breeze and even afford to pay for the essential necessities – namely the fuel for your car.

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Travel in a large group

Many of us spend our lives wanting to get away from it all, but let's face it, travelling alone can get expensive.

So what if you started a group tour, which would be very cheap as all you need is to find a group of like-minded people who are travelling in the same direction.

Rent a friend's house

I've always been a firm believer in renting a friend's place for the night when I travel to a destination.

It's actually cheaper and means I don't have to worry about finding somewhere to stay.

Rely on Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is the way to go when it comes to getting into a stranger's home for free and meeting like-minded people.

Avoid tourist traps at all costs

The cost of visiting big towns and tourist sites is sometimes far more than going off the tourist trail! If at all possible, consider less well-known destinations. 

Even within your location, avoid eating on the main street and instead try something off the beaten path. The cuisine will almost certainly be better and less expensive!

Travel during the off-season

Sure, you won't be able to predict the weather, but your chosen destination will be significantly less crowded. You'll not only save a lot of money, but you'll also have the place to yourself!

Buy a local SIM card

Data roaming or subscribing for WiFi while travelling can be very expensive. Getting a local SIM card with locally priced data packages is one method to save money when travelling. You'll need the data to get around and communicate with family and friends. 

To pick the best airline deals, use Skyscanner is the most convenient way to locate low-cost international flights! Simply enter your departure airport/country and destination to discover what's available on specific dates or for the entire month if you're flexible. 

Overnight travel is possible

If you have a long journey to accomplish as part of your trip, travelling overnight is one option to save money. You must pay to get from point A to point B regardless of the time of day, but travelling overnight saves you the cost of lodging for that night. You won't be wasting time travelling during the day, which means you'll have more time to explore!

Consider using a carpooling service like Bla Bla Car

If you're travelling on a budget, Bla Bla Car and other such services can help you save a lot of money. People who have cars and are making the journey anyhow will ask if they have any available places, and you will be able to pay for them. It is frequently less expensive than public transportation. Similarly, if you're going on a road trip and have seats in the car, you can get some money back towards your gas.

Everywhere you go, walk

Walking is the most cost-effective mode of transportation and the finest method to explore a new area. If you need to go a little further, renting a bike is often a good option. Cycling and walking are both excellent ways to stay in shape while travelling.

If you must utilise public transportation, buses are usually the most cost-effective option. If you're on a budget, avoid taxis and Ubers like the plague; they're by far the most expensive mode of transportation. There is nearly always a significantly cheaper bus or train alternative with a little planning.

Look for free activities in your chosen location

Looking for free activities to do wherever you're going is a terrific budget-friendly vacation idea. It's possible that particular museums are free on specific days or that local activities are taking place. Don't forget about the classic 'free walking tour,' which is a fantastic opportunity to see the city you're visiting. Just keep in mind that tipping is expected at the ending.

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