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 Technologies And Social Media

To understand the impact of technology on business and society, there is no better place to look than the world of business. Traditional sectors such as manufacturing and agriculture are being disrupted by the technological advancements of Silicon Valley. The traditional technology-focused businesses of the 1950s and 1960s are being rendered obsolete by digital giants like Google, Facebook and Apple.

Silicon Valley grew from the mundane world of hardware products into a digital and software-driven technology-driven industry. As such, it is no surprise that in 2016, six of the world's 10 fastest-growing economies were in the tech sector. They include India, Russia, Philippines, Vietnam, Nigeria and Thailand. 

There are all sorts of ways technologies have changed and will continue to affect the world. However, one of the most notable ways is through our privacy. What privacy means to you depends on who you are and how you think of it. For some, privacy isn’t a new concept. For others, it is the exception that we are most uncomfortable with.

However, not every piece of technology can be seen as “good” or “bad”. Because of the wide range of influences, each technology has their place in our lives and must be used appropriately. The importance of the Internet has increased to a point where it can be thought of as something more than just a social media tool. Our relationship with technology has greatly altered. 

For example, we are getting used to being connected to people all the time, and we are no longer able to just be alone. The changes in our societies are reflected in our people’s way of thinking and are no longer differentiating between different people.

We live in a world where we expect constant communication, which means we can keep in touch with people who are further away and are able to pass information quickly.

Changes have been made to the way we send texts, emails, and even social media. In fact, there are certain individuals that have done a great job of transforming themselves into being virtually part of society.

Technology has allowed for social media and other forms of communication to be passed around like wildfire. Unfortunately, the current generation often do not take the time to read between the lines and understand what someone may be saying to you. 

Most importantly, the ability to be always connected means that sometimes people tend to forget the importance of privacy. People tend to forget that they are still people and should be able to choose how much they want to reveal about themselves and who they are. 

Negative Impact of Technologies

Technology is the accelerator for everything that’s important to us. “By enhancing the information flow and information accessibility, technology makes it easy for us to be digitally active, and that increases our freedoms and capacities. However, it also creates risks.”

Negative effects are negative, but they can be positive. Some of them are small. Some of them are negative, but positive in the longer term.

For example, the adoption of social media creates digital footprints. People’s information is available on the Internet, and it can be manipulated by forces that aren’t beneficial.

Technology has huge benefits, But technology also has major risks. We are so involved in technology’s capabilities, that it is now becoming an increasingly central part of our lives. Technology has the potential to change everything about how we go about our daily lives. Our culture is so dependent on technology that sometimes we forget about its potential negatives.

Sometime Technologies Affects Sleeping Habits.

Technology has had a major effect on the way we sleep. Many of us stay up way too late chatting or scrolling via social media with our families.

And when we're tired, it's difficult to put our gadgets away. How many of us have been known to wake up in the middle of the night to check our phones?

Kids and adults alike waste a lot of time watching funny cat videos or other mindless entertainment. It's difficult to break free from the apps that are specifically programmed to hold us addicted.

All of this leads to disrupted sleep and bad sleeping patterns in general. For those who fall asleep with the TV on, the light from televisions has an effect on our sleeping patterns.

Our sleep has become worse as a result of our regular practice of these habits. Late-night system usage interrupts the development of melatonin, the stage of sleep, making it more difficult to get a decent night's sleep.

Wrap Up

As we have learned through the history of the world, technology is a strong positive force. But what we often forget is that technology is not always a positive force. Technology gives us things, but often with negative effects.

Technology can change things, for better or worse. And sometimes it creates things that we didn’t know we needed or wanted.

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