Why Elon Musk is Famous, and Why Everyone Love Elon Musk?


Are you sure there is life on Mars? I don't know about this. I'm a little skeptical"

Now that the public, the government, even some scientists believe there is life on Mars, Musk has little time to be a skeptic.

The buzz around Mars has him so hungry for publicity he’s making plans to start digging up the red planet next year.

SpaceX and Tesla shareholders have already pledged more than $1 billion for Musk to send a million tiny spaceships carrying his DNA to Mars.

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Elon Musk – The Man Who Shot Tesla's Stock Soaring To New Heights

“The last few months have been remarkable. “Elon Musk is in a bit of a unique position”

That’s because SpaceX’s market cap is now almost equal to Ford and General Motors combined.

“In almost any other industry you would talk about Elon Musk and a huge valuation for a company like SpaceX.

Then last month, the Elon Musk got his second-largest tweet ever: he said he had "verbal government approval" to start digging a tunnel between New York and Washington DC.

And that didn’t just send Tesla’s stock skyrocketing.

Why Is Elon Musk Doing This?

Elon Musk does this all in his relentless pursuit of the universe.

“His life revolves around the ambition of being the person who opens humanity’s eyes to the rest of the universe.

Musk may be many things — A visionary, a builder, a genius — but he’s also a recluse.

He's been photographed maybe a dozen times in the last 5 years. And he doesn’t talk much about himself.

“Musk is just trying to change the way we live on this planet. “And in his mind that means making big changes and bold decisions, and that’s exactly what he’s doing.”

You may remember Musk as the guy who sold his first computer to Compaq, for $300.

Or that one time he bought Tesla because he wanted a new kind of energy source.

And then there was the time he made history — that time when he said he planned to colonize Mars.

“Elon Musk’s short term interests are not necessarily the long term interests of the planet.”

For now, Musk continues to stake his claim to Mars, to test the limits of the human spirit and the ability of man to overcome adversity.

“He has got more work to do on Earth than he’s got to do on Mars.

And if we need reminding of the power of his vision, we need look no further than this man, still waiting in traffic.

“If I ever had an alien spaceship, I’d call Elon Musk.

Now the Main Question is Why everyone loves him?

Is it his incredible wealth? His outrageous Musk persona and continual over-promising? Or maybe it's because of the sheer tech genius he's already delivered in his venture's ultra-space-savvy drive to accelerate the pace of interplanetary travel, of reviving the American space program and potentially of, in the future, constructing cities on the moon, or anywhere else he wants to go.

In the future, these answers may not matter as much as how hard Musk works to ensure humanity is able to experience the exciting and beneficial technologies he has envisioned – inventions that will truly advance and expand the collective potential of human beings.

Musk's ability to encourage the largest of steps forward is both a gift and a curse. In the future, there may be very few men who can inspire as much enthusiasm as Musk does today. However, in the meantime, a lot of people want to hang on to Musk's every word and even tweet a few things, too. 

In a sense, Musk is creating a whole new generation of Tesla and SpaceX fans as quickly as he can create innovative new vehicles, space habitats and other technology with which to do it.

If Musk has built anything at all, it's a community of fans who are willing to stand on the stage with him and also pick up the crumbs from the table that he leaves behind. Some call it a cult.

Obviously, some people didn't understand this, and the financial world has been buzzing about his statement ever since. His words have become so controversial that no one in the automotive and space industries will ever want to hear him speak again.

Musk was passionate, real and honest, but that's also one of the things that was so strange about him – he can actually talk about a lot of stuff.

Musk said that if he was running a company that made vehicles or ships, there would be a huge, measurable customer base to satisfy and to sell his products. However, there is no company like that for aerospace engineering or transportation, so Musk had to find another way to connect with customers.

He went on to explain that he is passionate about making cars.

"That's my passion," Musk said.

And, he's also passionate about cars, rockets and space travel.

However, I am happy to talk about Elon Musk and not mention how everyone in the world loves him. What else is the world to do? He’s got a passion for engineering. He runs his own car company. Furthermore, he puts a rocket into space. And then he tweets about it.

It all combines to form an image of a completely powerful man, who has no qualms about throwing himself into a high-risk, high-reward situation to achieve his goals, and everyone wants a piece of him.

His Twitter feed is a veritable stream of high-level technological insights and musings. He has the ability to break down the mysteries of our planet and to understand the same technological systems that everyone else does. And yet, he’s real, he’s humble, and he loves everyone. It’s hard to write such a magnanimous individual off as a total nutjob.

That’s the kind of thing that doesn’t get a ton of attention because people only like the negative and dramatic. Sure, Elon Musk likes to make the world move, and he’s running his own car company. 

He loves space, and he loves that our current human efforts at rocket propulsion are so mediocre. But he also genuinely wants to do good things with his life. That may be less shocking to you, but that’s the kind of thing that not everyone likes to hear from people with big ambitions.

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